Fault Finding

Product Topic

Camshaft Kits Normal Appearance
  Dirty Operating Conditions
  Lubrication Clean But Ineffcient
  Biased Ball Stud Loading
  Excessive Heat Generation
  Piston/Valve Impact
  Lubricant Particle Contamination
  Lubricant Deficiency & Contamination
  Fuel/Vacuum Pump Rod Wear
  Barrel Follower Wear
  New Followers Fitted to Warn Cams
  Camshaft Follower Designs & Operating Functions
  Fault Finding for Newly Assembled Cam-Kits

Timing Belts Fault Finding Features
  Belt Break (Straight)
  Belt Break (Angular)
  Teeth Valley Cracks (Indirect)
  Teeth Valley Cracks (Direct)
  Teeth Edge Damage
  Belt Backing Puncture
  Edge Wear (Smooth)
  Edge Wear (Jagged)
  Tooth Face Wear
  Land Wear
  Belt Backing Cracks
  Oil Contamination

Head Gasket Prevention Of Early Gasket Failures
  Fault Finding Feature
  Incorrect Application
  Dirty Assembly
  Particle Entrapment
  Poor Location
  Applied Sealer
  Missing Pre-Combustion Support / Pad / Heat Shield
  Split Recardo Pad
  Circumferential Split
  Centre Bridge Burn
  Circumferential Shift

Diesel Heat Plugs Visual Fault Finding Chart