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Main Menu on the left is used to:

  • Select the chosen component group

  • Select vehicle manufacturer

  • Select vehicle model or type

Panel on the right:

  • Displays your search results

  • Lists make, model, date, description and part numbers

  • Click on the part numbers for more information, buyer's guides and notes.

New search:

  • Use the 'Back to previous' and 'Main Menu' links to return and re-select.

Buyers Guide / New Products:

  • Lists parts in numerical order

Technical Data section:

  • Fault finding information:
    - Camshaft Kits
    - Timing Belts
    - Head Gaskets
    - Diesel Glow Plugs

All data is specific to vehicles 1950-1999 but the principles and failure features still apply today.

Fitting Info section:

  • Our fitting info and tips are useful - especially to DIY enthusiasts and if you tips along the way, we're pleased to have been of service.